Custom Decal Stickers – Will They Last in Rain?

There is a common perception related to custom decal stickers that they cannot resist the rainy weather and they do not last longer in such weather. Many companies manufacturing wall decal stickers claim that their stickers are waterproof and that they are manufacturing them with the best material, therefore, they will stick in every kind of weather. Well, this is not the case. Many companies are using low-quality material that looks great for two to three weeks and their color plus stick fades away with time.


custom decal stickers

The lasting feature of our custom decal stickers:

As our stickers are made up of vinyl material, they stick quickly and last for a longer time period. If we focus on wall stickers, vinyl decals stickers, custom solid vinyl stickers, parking stickers, storefront signage etc., they come across different weathers and if the best material is used in their manufacturing, they can endure every such weather.

custom decal stickers

Our technology being employed for the manufacturing of stickers is state-of-the-art and our clients are just in love with the quality of our labels and stickers.

Will they last?

Our custom decals and stickers are perfect and guess what? They will last too. How? Here is the answer

  • Vinyl decals and custom made vinyl stickers manufactured by our best designers and creative team stick quickly and it is best suitable for flat surfaces, nevertheless, we do manufacture and deliver decals that will stick quickly on other surfaces like carpets and other rough surfaces. We provide a number of different adhesive options depending on the requirement of our customer and obviously on the surface on which it is to be used. The range of custom decals stickers and die cut stickers come up in removable to reusable or permanent nature.custom decal stickers
  • All custom stickers and wall decals stickers are customized as per the requirements of our customer. They can be of any shape and size you require. We also create cheap die cut stickers as well and they can be adjusted in any place of your choice. They are designed properly by keeping in view all the requirements of our clients and best material is used in the manufacturing process.
  • We guarantee that these custom stickers and decals will stick quickly and last longer owing to the fact that they are UV fade resistant in nature. In addition to it, our custom stickers are heat resistant and waterproof. In case you want to try our products and their lasting nature, just put them through the carwash, oven, rain or any other odd weather condition, we confirm their lasting nature.
  • UV coating adds high-quality shine to the stickers and at the same time, it helps to protect against scratch and other harm.                                                                                                                                

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