Hey! What are you laughing at?


Did you not see the sticker on that car that just passed right by us?


No! But what made you laugh?


It had this super funny joke about the cannibals and clowns!


But what was the joke? I want to laugh too!


The car decal had this printed on, ‘’Why don’t cannibals eat clowns? Because they taste funny’’.


Hahaha! We need to get a car decal for our car too.



People of our time are very much expressive in putting up their views before the world in a number of ways and this they do by the use of social media and other such social platforms where their political or personal views could be seen by the people and people would either support them in their particular views or engage with them in any form of some discursive activity. In these days, the Car decals can also get this task done because this is a new way of expressing your views before the people. These custom car decals are becoming a new trend of the people that have been revived now into much better forms. An insight into the background and history of the car decals is needed to be given to you. All of this began in 1972 with the launch of the new model of a ford. The new model had a very beautiful and innovative new design because of which there was a better chance at decorating the front and back bumpers and this could now be done by the use of these custom decals. People thus began to express their political and other sentiments by placing these decals with the slogans of their own likes on these stickers. The initial decals which were used were made of a cardboard and metal and then a wire was used to attach them to the bumper of the car. People would initially use these custom window decals to express their political views such as pasting the particular slogan of a candidate whom they are supporting. The uses of these decals are not confined to only the expressions of political priorities but many other uses can also be made.


The use of the car window decals is that they can be used to express your views towards a particular party, they can be used to let people know about your attachment for your previous school by adding the slogan of that school or a quote about it on the car window decals. They can also be used to get confirmations of parking lots of big food joints such as Mcdonalds etc. When you get to there and they would not have to see your card or anything, but these are the decals that they provide some of their most valued customers with a sign of their VIP drive-thru on it. You only have to place these custom window decals on your windshields and they will let you enter freely without any checking at the entrance because they have all your data and membership in their system. You can also use these custom decals to be sarcastic against a rival political party whose rivals you would like to pester up on some road when they see it. The slogan or motto of some institution can also be pasted on your car’s windows by these decals to which your allegiance is profound and you want to publicize that allegiance of yours in an amazing way.


In these days, the best way to attract people towards a particular party or organization or a company is to paste the custom car decals on the windows of your cars because your vehicle will move and thus more people will get to see these stickers and you will have a better chance of attracting people for your beloved party or organization or even a company that you are running. But in the area in which you mostly run your vehicle, you need to have an exact date of the age groups or general trends among people and their likes towards a number of custom window decals designs. By this, I mean that you need to have a specific list of the people who belong to your area and their age groups because that is how you target a particular audience to like your company or organization. As you begin to keep a track of these people, it would be much easier for you to select the design and color scheme for your custom car decals that will suit these people because if you design a sticker against the general likes of these people, it could go to waste and nobody would be paying attention to the custom decals that you have so hard and carefully prepared. You can also plan to design these decals according to a particular event that is taking place in the area to spread happiness among the people and they can also be used to spread awareness around a particular topic like a health or a civil issue around your area that needs to be insisted on.



When you are living in a suburban area, you have all the chance of letting people know about your love for your own family and its belongings. This you can do by the beautiful customization of the funny car decals in accordance with the preferences of your family and their belongings. You can turn these into funny decals by adding an inside joke that runs in the family, a unique and funny nickname. You can also get a customized pun and joke printed on your custom window decals to make other people laugh. You can get these funny car decals customized in a bulk and then they can be utilized to make the pictures of your family evident on these custom decals and the other members of the family can also get them imprinted on their cars along with some family pet included in the picture or so. You can also get added the names of your family members along with only their pictures to make it cooler.


The production of the car decals is a very complex task and it cannot be accomplished without inducing some very modern equipment or machines that can get the work easily done without any slipups and the maximum utility of these machines has to be utilized to wipe out the errors in human hands. The sticker printing shop has drawn all the fame and trust among the new businessmen only because it takes care of these imperatives and keeps with itself the most modern and up to date machinery that can make the best things happen for our new clients and can make their business flourish into a big enterprise. The general and basic production of the custom car decals is done by hands and this type of production is called the screen printing, it can be done to make the best custom decals around. Relief printing is also known as the letterpress printing as it is implicit in its name. In this kind of printing, the decal is produced by pressing letters to create a certain image. The most useful option available in the world of sticker printing is the facility of sticker printing. It is too customizable as the process includes the reproduction of the digital image.


The sticker printing shop has also gotten an upper hand in the world of printing because it has got the best graphic designers on its team and they are quite skilled and professional to make the best kind of car decals at their disposal. The possibilities for the customization of the funny car decals are innumerable in terms of design, colors, fonts, and quotes, and those who are entering this field recently do not possess enough frugality about the customization of these decals in some very beautiful way. So, such people mostly do not know what to do when it comes to the test of their artistic skills to customize the designs of the custom window decals which is in fact not an easy job. So, what they can do to get it done is that they can come to our graphic designers who will assist them in choosing the different aspects of the designs that characterize the production of car window decals. The design assistance that will be given to you is 100% free. Along with this free design assistance, you will get an array of free services that will include the provision of some free samples that we give our new clients to examine our old work on many of the orders before our new client places an order with us. Premium finishing options are also given to all our clients which include glossy and matte with spot UV are also available for funny car decals.



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