This story began when I took a turn in my professional life and landed on the brilliant idea of car stickers. Being an entrepreneur, I have always liked experimenting with new ideas. I also know the struggle that comes with inexperience. There are hundreds of companies that are just waiting for rookies like us, they use sweet words and rip us off. Unfortunately, I learned my lesson after a few of these accidents and to save other people, I decided to share my extensive knowledge of how to develop your ideas into custom kiss cut stickers and then get them manufactured from the best sticker printing press in town that is none other than the sticker printing shop! With mind-blowing offers and super humble work environment, you can develop your small gig into something huge in no time.


There are innumerable ways to express yourself in the world. Everybody wants to be seen and recognized. Everyone’s opinion matters and people are coming up with new ideas every day to express themselves. An old revived trend is the use of car stickers. Let me tell you a little background history of how custom car stickers actually came into existence. It all started with the launch of the new Ford model in 1927. With the prominent view of front and back bumpers, car owners came up with an idea of bumper stickers to express their thoughts. The initial stickers used in the past was crafted out of cardboard and metal. A wire was used to attach the sticker to the car. People usually used these to express their political views such as pasting the slogan of the candidate they are supporting. Moreover, there are a lot more things you can do with your custom car stickers!


You can add a touch of your personality in your car by getting these funky funny stickers. It could depict your tiny sticker family or it could be a sarcastic jab on a rival political party. Furthermore, another common variant is car window stickers. Being a big fan of fast food joints, my windshield window is littered with various stickers of different joints. Some fast food joints have VIP protocol for their frequent customers. Take Mcdonald’s as an example. They have a VIP drive-thru sticker that is pasted on your windshield, you can get a chance to win freebies because of these stickers. Institutional car window stickers are also available with the slogan and symbol of the school, People who are lovingly attached to their institutions and devotedly proud to be a part of it like to paste this on their rear view window. It not only gets them more respect but they can also enter and leave the building whenever they please because of these stickers.



There are no boundaries when it comes to creating art and craft. By speaking from experience, everything will sell on the market as long as it is up to date with the new norms and trends. The only intricate step to the golden gates is that you have to find out the age group of your audience and then design your custom car stickers according to their preferences. Another thing you can utilize is the memorable days such as Independence day, valentine’s day, mother’s day and so on. The arrival of these days brings with them countless opportunities with them. People show their patriarchy and love for their homeland by pasting these stickers on their cars.

Furthermore, another good season is the election season and campaigns. You can show support for a party by getting these car window stickers. Therefore, the key to a successful sticker printing business is targeting the audience as I mentioned above. For teenagers and young adults, funny stickers are the way to go. Hidden jokes and puns will automatically attract them. Catchy line phrases and slogans are good things to invest in. So, in short, there are countless ways in which you can print custom car stickers. All you need is a little bit of creativity and strategy!



Another famous variant of bumper decals is the depiction of a cute family living in a suburb. You can get your own customized stick family stickers from the sticker printing shop. We have all kinds of custom family car stickers engaged in everyday routines and hobbies such as playing a sport, doing a house chore, going on a vacation and so on. You can also add names of the family members or a funny nickname, a special saying or an inside joke! Furthermore, you can also add your pet into the family picture. Just so you know, you’re not only confined to plain white stick figures. The sticker printing also provides colored family car stickers as well. Moreover, the acute peeking family sticker is also an all-time favorite!


In this modern age, sticker printing company is usually done by using one of the four printers available at the sticker printing shop. The four types are flexography, screen printing, letterpress and digital. Flexography is also known as surface printing nowadays. The general basic form of sticker printing that is very popular for custom car stickers is screen printing. It is used for small-scale production and can be done with the hand. Relief printing is also known as letterpress printing, as the name suggests, the sticker is developed by pressing letters to create the image. The most flexible option available in the market in the present age is the facility of digital printing. It is super customizable as the process is basically a reproduction of digital images.


In order to explain what kiss cut stickers actually are, I need to make a comparison with another close variant that is dying cut stickers. There is no major difference between these two other than the one that is the cut of kiss cut stickers. In contrast, they have a broader square backing that is bigger than the printed design whereas the die cut stickers are cut to the exact shape of the design. The only positive edge that kiss cut stickers get is the easy and quick application process they provide because of the extra space. To make it more appealing, you can also print on the excessive white vinyl to give a more funky finish.


During my time with the sticker printing shop, I was given the opportunity to work with their skilled team of graphic designers. However, if you are a noob like me then this special highlight will be really helpful for you. Do not fret if you are running late on time and haven’t come up with a design because this printing press provides 100% free design assistance for your car and kiss cut stickers. Furthermore, you can also choose from the ready-made templates if you are not really interested in designing. Other than these, you will also get a handful of free services with your custom car stickers package such as the free custom quote, free samples, free shipment worldwide, fast turn around time because your time is valuable for us. Premium finishing options such as glossy and matte with spot UV are also available for your family car stickers to make them weatherproof and give them a longer life. Both offset and screen printing options are also available and what else? All this is provided under super cost-effective rates! You should definitely give these guys a try because you won’t regret it.

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