Window Decals: Custom Window Decals They Cling To Last

Have you ever noticed the fact that you hardly ever pay attention to the door of the buildings or those of the cars until or unless they have something visually appealing to offer to you? It could be a catchy slogan, a colorful graphic or just about anything that would make you look off your screens and pay attention to what is there in front of you. The purpose of the window decals is to grab the attention of the customer and advertise the products or services in a catchy manner. Be it at a traffic signal or a busy road, a car with some stickers glued on the glass is bound to attract the attention of the passersby and other drivers on the road. So, why not use this opportunity to grab on to the interest of the customers and nudging them towards your business without using any annoying extravagant marketing tactic. Simply have the custom window decals printed with your company’s promotional content and have them rolled out on the windows, glass doors and the windshields of the cars. As long as you have a glass surface, the window decals can be brought to use there.

Window Decals

Benefits of window decals

If you like the idea of having the promotion of your company go where the vehicle goes through the custom window decals, then here are a few reasons why you need to be looking further into the world of window decals for advertising purposes.


Have you ever realized how much money it takes to get the advertising and promotion of your brand done right? With the reasonable window decals, you can do all that within your pre-decided budget. Just have the design team come up with some catchy slogans and animations for your business and get them out and about in no time at all.


What makes you stand out from your competitors is the amount of effort and uniqueness you bring into your work. Without compromising on these traits, be original and reach out to your market in ways that would get you noticed. It could be a witty slogan or a catchy animation, anything would all you to cash in your uniqueness. Moreover, you are free to give each custom window decals your personal touch to make them fit your business philosophies.

Window Decals

No added space

With the advertising efforts made in the physical world, you are always paying or rented out extra space. Whether it is the billboard on the side of the road or a space in the local newspaper’s commercial section. With the reasonable window decals, you can save your money that you would otherwise have to spend on renting out space for advertising. From the doors of the physical office to the vehicles you use for traveling, each one can be brought to use for the funny window decals. Although the stickers are made for the cars’ windows they can always be used on other clear surfaces and front.

But when clinging one of the window decals’ you need to make sure that you are doing it the right way. For the smaller funny window decals, you might not have to worry much since they are pretty easy to stick on but not all the stickers come in the same size. The unique thing about the custom window decals is not only their design but their shape as well.

Applying the custom window decals
Depending on the surface, you can get one in any shape you like. To help you do the job with ultimate finesse, we have compiled some helpful tips that you can make use of next time you are out pasting a window decal on the glass surface.

Window Decals


  1. Clean the surface

The best results are achieved when you have prepared the ground for all your actions. In the case of the custom window decals, make sure the surface is clean. Be it the glass window, door or the windshield of your car, have the surface cleaned and dried off completely. For best results use alcohol or a mixture of soap and water to get started

      2. Prepare the sticker

Now is the time to make use of the credit card in your wallet. If you can’t find one, any squeegee or a hard flat scrap would do too. Use it to rub on the clear surface of the card to help the air bubbles escape out if there are any. It will help make the funny window decal cling on more smoothly.

      3.Take off the backing


Next step involves taking off the backing of the sticker. It is one of the trickiest parts and you might want to be patient here. Take off the paper backing on the sticker very carefully. In case you see the sticker coming off with it, revert it on to take it off again.

      4.Paste it on

It will help to place the custom window decal on a sticking tape so that you can use it to stick it on in a straight line. Lower it on the glass surface and paste it in the direction you want. Gently rub it on the surface with a squeegee or your thumb.


Once it is on, you might want to wait for a few hours to ensure that it is on the glass surface completely. Preferably, it is suggested to leave the sticker on for the night. Once you have given it enough time, gently pull off the tape.

Window Decals

For the best results, it is suggested to not apply the window decal when it is extremely cold or hot outside. At the optimal temperature and with the air bubbles completely squeezed out, the sticker would cling on perfectly to the surface.If you are looking for a window decal or have a unique design in mind for the custom  wholesale window decal, then get in contact with us today. We will help you find a perfect deal that would meet your budget and purpose too.